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Amanda Areces, Director of Talent Development

Amanda thrives on interactions with people and driving results. In her role as the Director of Talent Development, she gets to focus on her two passions-people and results-all the time. Beginning her career with an undergraduate degree from James Madison University and graduate degree from the University of South Carolina, (English and higher education student affairs (adult learning)), Amanda has spent the last 15 years developing leaders to drive business results.

Results through people. She began her career after graduate school at the University of Georgia, working with student groups. When she moved to Indianapolis to focus on training in the non-profit world as the Director of Education for two groups, she was able to broaden her influence by training all levels of an organization on values alignment. She eventually moved into the private sector to work with many groups and multiple businesses, holding fast to the belief that a business can only achieve success through its people.

Creative. Amanda is driven by her desire to develop others. She is a talented facilitator and creative problem-solver. She enjoys brainstorming and partnering with clients to take risks and seize opportunities for greatness. Amanda is an incredibly engaging presenter and has spoken all over the world on a variety of topics including strategic HR, coaching, leadership development, and talent processes to drive organizational results.

Life-long learner. Amanda has an insatiable palate for learning. She reads, listens, attends workshops, subscribes to podcasts, watches videos, you name it! Her #1 strength is input. Simply described, Amanda “collects people and experiences” and she has never met a stranger. Some of her favorite topics to both learn about and teach are building trust, relationships, models for conflict, leadership development, Love Languages, setting boundaries and any topic that will drive organizational results.

Fast Facts

  • Amanda has two young children, one old beagle and is married to Ian, who is an old soul but young at heart.
  • She is a runner, reader, traveler, kitchen-adventurer, and never says “no” to catching up with friends over wine.

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