Talent Development

People are the most important asset of your business.

Talent Development


Leadership is the #1 talent issue facing organizations around the world. Yet few have developed leaders for future critical roles. We consult with organizations to help identify essential leadership competencies and tailor innovative programs that will engage and prepare your leaders to accomplish extraordinary results. Highlights of our signature programs are:

  • Building a Culture of Accountability
  • The Leadership ChallengeTM Workshop
  • Emotional Intelligence Impact
  • Leading Change and Strengthening Resiliency
Executive Coaching


A survey of 100 executives found that coaching provided a 6 to 1 return on investment. We help leaders achieve their full potential and prepare them for increased levels of responsibility in today’s competitive business environment.

Our experienced and certified coaches focus on understanding the needs of each leader and developing an in-depth understanding of the organization where the leader operates. With this understanding we partner with the leader in developing and implementing a customized roadmap for success which leads to higher levels of engagement and retention. We oer four coaching applications:

  • High Performance
  • New Leader
  • Performance
  • Leadership Team
Management Training


Accomplished individual performers are often promoted to managerial roles and expected to quickly achieve the same outstanding results. In other cases, long-term managers have never been trained and lack knowledge on how to resolve the everyday challenges of conflicts, communication and work relationships.

Our Manager Essentials program prevents this by providing leaders with the opportunity to explore and increase their knowledge and skills. The program begins with self-exploration and knowledge, shifts to relationship building with team members, and progresses to growing team members for maximizing effectiveness. Training outcomes are vast, impactful and unique for each participating manager.
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Team Building


One of the most important steps an organization can take is to develop a strong sense of comradery and teamwork. Our consultants use proven methods and fresh ideas to break down silos and build team commitment, collaboration, and results.



Individual, team, and organizational assessments are the cornerstone of many of our programs. When you understand where employees stand in terms of engagement, performance, and leadership style, your organization can eliminate factors that derail success and empower them to achieve even greater results.

We oer a full library of assessments ranging from employee selection, type preference, behavioral styles, 360 feedback, emotional intelligence, team dynamics, engagement, and organizational development.