As businesses evolve, the need to transition employees, either out of the organization or into new roles is inevitable.

Career Transition / Outplacement

As businesses evolve, the need to transition employees, either out of the organization or into new roles is inevitable. Whatever the reason, companies that care about their employees and their reputation in the marketplace can partner with HRD Advisory Group to support employees as they transition to a new position, new career or different lifestyle.

  • Coach-centric approach

    We differentiate ourselves by our long standing commitment to a coach-centric approach. That means high touch—personalized services that meet the needs of every organization and employee. Our programs are not cookie cutter, nor do we do group orientation sessions for new candidates. We take time to understand each person’s unique circumstances and challenges and help them realize that a career change is not career ending. Then we set a course that matches those needs and accelerate each individual’s path to success.


  • Coaching expertise

    With professional coaching certifications and demonstrated success in a wide range of industries, our coaches are some of the best in the business. Responses from candidate surveys consistently validate the high quality of our services. These results are driven not only by our career management and job search expertise but also by our depth of knowledge and use of advanced coaching skills. Our coaches’ proven ability to help their candidates navigate the unknown and shift to an empowered mindset is a key contributor to their success.


  • Cutting edge technology and worldwide reach

    As a partner owner of Career Partners International (CPI), one of the world’s largest outplacement and talent management service organizations, we have the capabilities to service employers of all sizes. With a vast network of offices, certified coaches, standardized processes, and an industry-leading technology platform, we deliver the highest quality services.


  • Planning and notification support

    Executives and managers are charged with the complex and often daunting process of planning transitions that affect their employees. We can help them plan the implementation of the transition and hone their messaging. For many employers, we provide support on the day of notification by personally meeting with the impacted employee immediately.


  • Bolster the ongoing business

    Employees who remain after other leave maybe concerned which leads to a decline in productivity and morale. To encourage current employees to refocus and engage in their work, we can provide change management coaching and follow-up sessions to move the organization forward.


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What Our Clients Say

“I was so fortunate to have such a caring and objective career coach by my side to give me the confidence to follow my path when I was feeling down.”

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