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Look Up: Taking Time to Build Trust and Relationships in a Fast-Paced, Over-Stimulated World

September 12, 2019 at 9:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, so as influencers and leaders, it’s critical that we are intentional about building trust in the relationships that matter most. Trust building isn’t an event—it’s a process that must be continually be nurtured. In this fast-paced, high energy live-video webinar, co-facilitators Jason Barnaby, Tribe Leader and Chief Fire Starter at Fire Starters and Andrea Butcher, President of HRD Advisory Group will share practical strategies (that you can use immediately) to create greater alignment and connection with your key stakeholders (no matter how challenging they may be).

About the speakers:

Andrea Butcher is President of the HRD Advisory Group
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Andrea Butcher

Jason Barnaby is President (“Tribe Leader and Chief Fire Starter”) of Fire Starters

Jason Barnaby

We have more webinars planned for the coming months.

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