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A Candidate-Centered Approach to Recruiting

Jan 14th, 2020 • Jacqueline Martinez

With unemployment rates extremely low, the recruiting landscape looks very different than it did even two years ago. Passive recruiting (aka networking or lion-hunting, as I like to call it), is a most effective method of recruiting for professional roles. Candidates themselves are not looking for jobs like they used to, but are extremely connected both on- and offline.

This changes how we, as recruiting professionals, connect with talented people and engage with them. Waiting for candidates to “apply” or having just one method of reaching out to them will no longer cut it. These days it’s about how well candidates connect with you and what they experience when dealing with your company.

Candidate engagement begins with the very first touch point and continues through to employee engagement (if you hire them). Candidate engagement is especially important for those who you connect with but end up not hiring. Your interaction with those people and their recollection of how well you treat them (the email, call, text, follow up, response time, etc.) forms an idea of your brand in their minds. Either they become a walking billboard for your company or someone who gives you a low Glassdoor review.

Candidate engagement is NOT easy, but it IS simple. It takes a lot of time, intention, and effort, and it all comes down to two things: good relationships and great treatment of people. 

An incredible candidate experience is in your hands. How do YOU ensure you have done all you can to produce it?