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Talent Trends in 2020

Jan 22nd, 2020 • Jacqueline Martinez

Last year, 63% of companies said they found it difficult to fill their open roles. Why? It seems to be more difficult to fill roles doing things the way we’ve done them. So, how are things changing in 2020? How is the pursuit of top talent evolving?

Here are 10 of the trends we are seeing as top of mind for 2020:

Remote work and flexible work schedules. Due to the nature of the job, not all companies can physically provide remote work. But getting creative with scheduling and offering alternatives to traditional shifts are what candidates are not only preferring, but expecting.

More personalized approach between HR and employees. People want to feel a connection with their employer and be approached with open-mindedness and inclusivity.

Independent contractors. The “gig” economy is booming, and in some cases, employers are taking advantage of hiring experts on a contract basis over the traditional employee.

Video Calling. With remote work, video calls and video interviews are becoming more popular and are another way to feel connected in a global economy.

Less phone screens. Conversely, employers are starting to back off from the traditional phone screen and are taking advantage of the connection that happens over video.

Personality tests. Employers are turning to technology and the psychology experts to connect more closely with potential hires.

Employer branding. Companies need to care how they appeal to job seekers. Resources are going into cultivated messaging, marketing, and Glassdoor reviews as a vital part of the talent attraction process.

Taking care of people. Now more than ever, companies are realizing that it is easier, more profitable, and more productive to care for employees and hold on to them versus the alternative: constant turnover (and bad reviews!).

Candidate matching technology. HR departments are utilizing up-to-the-minute technology to help with the sourcing screening process more this year than before.

Companies are adapting to the changing values of the job seeker. Being agile is one of the most important success drivers for great talent attraction. I imagine this will look different even six months from now.

As you can see, there is a lot of work that goes into just THINKING about talent attraction for 2020. I’d love to take this off your hands and personalize it for you company and talent department.