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Work Cultures are Becoming “Business Unusual”

May 8th, 2020 • Jacqueline Martinez

With recent changes in the world, there is no doubt that workplace culture has changed, priorities have shifted, and our new ways of working together have been inundated with creativity. Our new culture feels very “business unusual.”

From my point of view, my peers in HR leadership have been given a huge job this season. From dispersing their workforce to monitoring new laws to creating “return to work plans”, they are definitely navigating new territory.

But what will things look like in HR and People departments moving forward? Have HR teams “earned” their way into strategic conversations at companies that previously expected them to executive admin functions? Are HR departments empowered to create holistic people initiatives with the whole business in mind vs working within the boundaries of traditional “HR practices”?

In my past, every time I led in a role that viewed “HR as a partner” vs “Tactical HR”, the people acted accordingly. In those places, the people were empowered, clear on their purpose, and highly motivated.

If we are noticing gaps in our work cultures, maybe the first place we should look at are our People Operations departments. How we view HR directly impacts how people operate.

How are your work cultures shifting? What is your version of “business unusual”?