Our Team

Andrea Butcher

Andrea is a visionary. Her passion is coming alongside leaders to help them maximize the performance of their teams. She has an impressive 20+ year career as a business leader, executive coach and advocate in talent development and human resources.

Amanda Areces

Director of Talent Development
In her role as the Director of Talent Development, Amanda focuses on her two passions—people and results. And she thrives on the combination of the two, developing the former to create the latter.

Shirley Triller

Vice President of Talent Management
Known for her expertise in strategic talent management, Shirley consults with organizations to optimize the performance of their organizations and capabilities of their leaders. She directs HRD Advisory Group’s career transition practice and is an executive coach and facilitator.

Jacop Lucas

Director of Human Capital
Jacop Lucas looks at his clients programs holistically. As the Director of Human Capital, he uses a consultative approach to help clients understand the root of their successes and challenges—which is not necessarily what they do, but how they do it.

Annie Smith

Office Manager
As the Office Manager for HRD Advisory Group, Annie maintains office operations and procedures. In addition to general office management, she oversees bookkeeping, human resources and payroll.

Tricia Fox

Senior Career & Executive Coach, Trainer
Tricia brings 25+ years of coaching and training experience in career and leadership development to her work with HRD. She specializes in training, facilitating groups, executive coaching and professional and leadership development. She is a trusted advisor in career development, as well as in executive and leadership coaching.

Tia Jackson

CLPC – HRD Advisory Group Facilitator and Coach
Tia brings more than 20 years of Learning & Development and Coaching experience ranging from large-scale corporate training to one-on-one focused development. She specializes in Adult Centered Training, Facilitation, and Performance Coaching.

Steve Grow

Executive Coach
An Executive Coach with over 25 years of business experience, Steve specializes in working with C-suite executives and physicians. CEOs, Presidents and other high potential leaders fall into Steve’s “wheelhouse” of coaching clients. His open and easy-going manner enables his coachees to build trust and tackle important issues.

Business Advisors

Art Pizzello