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It’s not just what we do that attracts and retains top talent—it’s how we do it. We help organizations integrate human resources into every aspect of their business to ensure policies, processes, and systems are aligned with business strategy and designed to drive your organizational culture and purpose. We support this work with industry-leading data, and we also dig into specific ideas, projects, and programs for companies and employees. Human resources isn’t a siloed department in a company; it goes where the people go, and it goes beyond compliance. Before we make any decisions, we should always ask these questions: “What is the desired outcome, will it impact other business functions, are their legal considerations, will this drive the organization forward, how will this impact our people?”

Integrated HR & Organizational Design

Organizations exist to serve a purpose, and it is the organization’s people that will drive that purpose. Processes and systems create the foundation and infrastructure to align individual and business capabilities to support the overall organizational structure. Today more than ever, HR needs to be integrated throughout the organization to ensure alignment between operational strategy and people strategy. We help HR teams, and business leaders evaluate and design agile and organizational structures to ensure the company can sustain a competitive advantage. Whether it is to determine the need for re-organization, or if you want to evaluate a specific functional area, we perform organizational and functional assessments to identify strengths and challenges in how you incorporate human resource efforts into your operations. By scaling our assessments to identify solutions that are sensitive to your risk tolerance and desired outcomes, we can help you prioritize efforts and create a plan that you can implement.

Performance Management

Over two-thirds of companies, use an annual performance review as their process for managing performance. In 2018 a Deloitte study found that only 8% of HR leaders believe their performance management process drives business value (only a 3% increase over the last 30 years), yet leaders keep trying to fix the performance review process. The problem isn’t the performance review; the problem is that companies are using a tool that is not designed to manage performance. Performance is a business issue, not just an HR issue. We come alongside HR and business leaders to help shift the mindset from performance management to talent success. We equip you with the knowledge, tools, and insights on the right technology to implement a continuous performance model that aligns individual and organizational objectives, incorporates frequent feedback, provides meaningful coaching, and creates employee development opportunities to drive individual and organizational success. This holistic approach integrates recruitment, competencies, talent development, compensation, and succession, so employees have a seamless, positive career at your organization. We can also help identify and develop competencies required to drive successful performance in each position and drive organizational culture. Then we help organizations leverage those competencies in their processes. From succession planning to recruitment to talent development, identifying these competencies helps you find, develop, and keep the right talent.

PXT Select™

HRD is a PXT Select™ Authorized Partner. This unique selection assessment helps organizations benchmark their positions by filling the gap between the resume and the interview. It helps organizations understand potential candidates’ thinking style, behavior, and interests, prioritizing their competencies, rather than tasks. With this tool in our arsenal, we can help you select, onboard, coach, and develop your employees to be happier in their roles, creating more success for your organization. Click Here to download a Sample Report

HR Extension

If you’re considering implementing any human resources infrastructure, HR Extension is a tool that acts as a resource for you in the process. This program gives you direct access to an HR advisor. Whether you’re looking to build a program that your company can implement or grow your team with a dedicated human resources person, HR Extension can guide you through that process to make the decision that’s best for your organization.

I-9 Process & Form Auditing

HRD and KO Business Solutions have teamed up to provide I-9 Audit and Compliance Training Services. HRD works with HR teams and business leaders; offering the following suite of process assessment, form audit, compliance training, and risk mitigation services:
In conjunction with the compliance oversight and training provided by HRD, the workforce management team at KO Business Solutions has developed an experienced team of Project Managers and Auditors to support the large-scale efforts of HRD. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) workplace investigations have quadrupled over recent years and are expected to increase each year. Recent events in the news and the activities of ICE continue to amplify the need for employers to be conscientious of the compliance risks associated with mismanaging Federal Form I-9s.
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