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033: Leading Up: Strategies to Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Boss | James Tanneberger

James Tanneberger is the President and CEO at South Central Indiana REMC. His focus on growing his team both professionally and personally is inspiring. For James, leadership is helping to make the lives of the people around him better. In this episode, you’ll hear how he defines management versus leadership. It’s about seeing what’s beyond the black and white and helping your team dig deeper into the ‘why’.

Are you stuck in management mode and not being a leader? Get honest with yourself based on what James shares.

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BONUS: Reflecting on the Best of Being [at Work]

Each weekly episode of Being [at Work] features leaders who are willing to share their stories. They share the challenges of leading, developing culture, and fostering the next generation of professionals. In this episode, we aren’t just featuring one of our conversations – we are sharing three previous guests and breaking down what we hope you gained from their full-length conversations.

032: Failure Is Where You Grow | Jim Morris

Jim Morris is the President and CEO at Greater Indianapolis Habitat for Humanity, and he has nearly three decades of experience in both the profit and non-profit sectors, serving in a variety of executive positions.

In this episode, you’ll hear Jim’s story of how, early in his career, he recognized a passion for missional work, and how following that yearning led him to where he is today.

Jim’s story is a great example of learning and growing through life’s failures. What failures taught him the most? Listen in.

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031: The Unique Blend of Stewarding Relationships and Relentless Execution | Dave Neff

As the Chief Revenue Officer at Prolific, Dave Neff understands the balance needed between leading a team while driving the business forward towards reaching its goals.  In today’s episode of Being [at Work], Dave discusses his unique background from working with large corporate brands to being named the Nonprofit Professional of the Year in 2019 by United Way of Central Indiana. His myriad of expertise can provide listeners with tactical insights they can apply to any career stage. Listen in!


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