HRD Advisory Group Podcasts 2019

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024: Nothing Great Happens Without Adversity | Scott Miller

When Scott Miller was in college, the director of campus activities told him, ‘You can be a leader,’ and gave him a leadership book. This simple act made a huge impact on him and he’s been a student of leadership ever since. Scott now serves as the President of Bowman Construction, a company that focuses on general contracting, value engineering possibilities, design and build options, and concrete and carpentry services.

Throughout his career, there has been a clear theme of growth for Scott – growing people and growing businesses. Listen in to hear Scott’s pivotal moment when he was completely caught off guard and came upon the realization that nothing great happens without adversity.



023: Transparency in the Performance of Your Team | Joe Barrett

At any given time, your team members should be able to ask, ‘Where am I?’ in regards to their performance, and understand your perspective on how they’re doing.

Joe Barrett is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DuraMark Technologies, a company that provides labels for industrial manufacturers whose products and equipment are exposed to harsh environments.

Joe has a reputation for bringing a high level of integrity to the senior-level sales positions he has held throughout the years. He truly models transparency while leading with dignity, particularly when giving feedback to team members.

Listen in to hear Joe’s advice on why it’s incredibly important to value feedback in the workplace.


022: Leadership Creates the Culture…Good or Bad | Scott Zigmond

Scott Zigmond is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Performance Services, an Indianapolis-based company that constructs high-performing buildings with optimal environments. 

Throughout Scott’s career in organizations such as General Electric and Roche, he has focused on getting results through others, and he attributes his business success to his spotlight on people.

As a West Point Military Academy graduate, Scott learned about the connection between leadership and culture early in his career. In this episode, you’ll hear his story on values-based leadership and what he learned about himself during a situation when he witnessing downright poor leadership.

What kind of culture are YOU creating? You’ll want to listen in to Scott’s advice. 

021: Driving Change in a Traditional Organization | Britni Saunders

When you think of progressive, future-focused people strategies, state government probably doesn’t come to mind. However, wait until you hear what this week’s guest on Being [at Work] is up to.

Britni Saunders is the Director of the Indiana State Personnel Department (SPD) – and a proud Hoosier. She was appointed to her position by the Governor of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, to align with his initiative of taking Indiana to the next level.

Her mission at SPD? Transform the employee experience for 30,000 employees statewide.

Listen in to hear why Britni continues to raise her hand when it comes to providing people solutions to business problems. 

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