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028: The Stages of Leadership – From ‘It’s All About Me’ to CEO | Matt McHatten

Matt McHatten, Chief Operating Officer at MMG Insurance, is transitioning to Chief Executive Officer. As he prepares to lead the team as CEO, he has been taking the time to reflect on his leadership journey, which he will share with us in today’s episode.

You’ll hear the key lessons Matt has learned in each phase of his journey from ‘it’s all about me’ to strategic oversight of the organization and everything in between. His love for his team, the organization, and his own growth are apparent as he tells us his story.

Listen in to Matt’s journey on Being [at Work].

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027: Building a Business That Lasts – Service is the Thread | Phil Daniels

Phil Daniels is the Co-Founder of Springbuk, a health analytics solution for mid- to large-sized employers. Since it was founded in 2015, Springbuk has experienced rapid growth and is known for its focus on culture and talent.

Phil’s leadership story is built from his values. With a lot of humility, he focuses on serving others, from his business partnerships and customers to his team members. According to Phil, service is the thread to building a business that lasts.

In this episode, you’ll hear Phil’s big challenge. He had customers and a market but didn’t have a product sell. So, he pushed himself out of his comfort zone to raise capital.

You’ll want to hear his story. Listen in.

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026: The Big Impact of the Little Things | Karen Alter

Karen Alter is a Partner and the CEO at Borshoff, an Indianapolis-based full-service communications agency, and was recently named a ‘Woman of Influence’ by the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Just when life felt truly on track, Karen got some big news that could have knocked her off track. But because of the relationships, support, and confidence of her work family at Borshoff, she not only led through this challenge with grace, she also emerged as a stronger leader.

How can you use challenging experiences to shape who you are as a leader? Listen in.



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025: Go After It and Believe in Yourself | Mona Euler

Mona Euler is the Founder and President of My Healthcare Advocate, a company on a mission to help patients and families solve healthcare problems.

She developed an entrepreneurial spirit at age 11 when she started mowing lawns, and her passion for healthcare and the elderly also came at a young age. In this episode, you’ll hear Mona’s inspirational story about going after your goals and believing in yourself.

Throughout her various roles, including CEO at multiple healthcare institutions, one thing has remained constant: her love of solving healthcare problems and being a patient and family advocate.

Check out Mona’s story on the Being [at Work] podcast.



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