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002: Reinventing Yourself | M.T. Ray

In the early 2000s, M.T. Ray (@MTRay27), SVP of Global Resources for Cheetah Digital, found herself living in a new city with a new job, only to lose it a few years later due to the economy.

So, how did she handle the change? She evolved. From creating a Twitter profile to attending networking events to taking computer classes at a local library, she focused on sharpening her skills.

If your confidence is shaken, or you’re timid about networking opportunities, you’ll want to hear how M.T. reinvented herself through cultivating strong connections.

001: Clarifying Personal Values | Trey Willis

How do others view you as a boss, spouse, parent, or friend? Are you presenting yourself in an authentic way? Have you ever asked your employees or loved ones how they see you?

Trey Willis (@treywillis) is the Chief Technology Officer at CTSI-Global, a supply chain and logistics company that serves businesses around the world.

In this episode, you’ll hear how a leadership workshop exercise flipped a switch for Trey. By opening himself up for others to give him real feedback, Trey realized he needed to put more value into his relationships both personally and professionally.

If you’re looking for ways to motivate and encourage your people, you’ll learn from Trey’s ‘mic drop’ leadership moment.

000: Introduction: What’s This All About?

After work, are you left feeling drained? Are you a leader seeking answers, support or just looking for fresh perspectives? Do you feel like you don’t know how to bring your whole self to work?

Being [at Work] is a podcast featuring value-driven leaders who aren’t afraid to lean into a big challenge when it’s something they believe in. You’ll hear their life and career changing moments that made the greatest impact.

Host Andrea Butcher digs into the real, those moments that highlight their humanness at work. These aren’t just conversations about what leaders should or could do, instead, stories of courage, vulnerability, and impact.

This podcast is for leaders who want to bring their authentic self to work because we believe, your workplace needs more of who YOU are.

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