Podcast Kit: 066: Empathy Matters with Liesel Mertes

Dec 17th, 2020 • Jacqueline Martinez

Liesel Mertes is the Founder of Handle with Care Consulting where she works with companies to boost employee satisfaction. She is a self-proclaimed workplace empathy expert who has dedicated much of her adult life to educating others on the importance of compassion and understanding when someone experiences disruptive life events.

In this episode, you’ll hear her share ways to openly develop empathy in an organization and create an environment where everyone ultimately feels safe.

If you enjoyed this episode and want to hear more from Liesel, you can check out her podcast, Handle with Care, Empathy at Work Podcast.



  1. Support Employees in Times of Crisis
  2. Create a Space of Empathy
  3. During Times of Struggle, Redistribute Workflow



  • Connect with Liesel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lieselmertes/
  • Learn more about empathy workplace consulting: https://www.lieselmertes.com/
  • Connect with Andrea: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abutcher0201
  • Learn more about HRD Advisory Group: http://hrdadvisorygroup.com