Webinar Series

Aligning Gender Equality and Leadership Values

March 14, 2019 at 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (US and Canada)
Facilitators: Andrea Butcher and Julie Kratz

Gender equality is achieved in the workplace when all employees are able to enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of gender. HRD Advisory Group is an evolving and growing consulting business committed to gender equality; men and women in the organization work together in strong partnership driven by set of shared values. HRD is partnering with Pivot Point, whose purpose is to promote gender equality in the workplace.  We believe shared values provide a strong foundation to ensure not only gender equality but the diversity of thought, talent and perspective that exists within their team.

In this interactive webinar, Pivot Point Founder, Julie Kratz, and HRD President, Andrea Butcher will share stories of both success and struggle as they explore three key aspects of gender partnership in the workplace:

  • Leveraging tools for men and women to work successfully together.
  • Using shared values as a foundation for gender partnership.
  • Building trust in key relationships to create a safe place for gender partnership to exist.

About the facilitators:

Andrea Butcher is the president of the HRD Advisory Group
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Andrea Butcher

Julie Kratz is a Certified Master Coach & Pivot Point Founder
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Julie Kratz

We have more webinars planned for the coming months.

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